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Elizabeth Russel's Parents
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Gilbert Farm - Pennsylvania
Gilbert Farm in
Elizabeth Russel's Parents, Thompson and Elizabeth
Bryce Brothers Families
Bryce Brother
Family Members
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Alec and Josephine Circa 1938
 Bryce Circa 1938
Location = ?
Josephine Bryce with son Rick - 1950?
Josephine with Rick
Circa 1950
Pac. Ocean ?
Josephine Conlogue (Bryce) - 1920?
as a little
girl - 1920?
Grandma Tata, Doug, Rick, Lewiston 1959
Grandma Tata in
Doug's '51 Ford
w/Doug and Rick,
Lewiston 1959
Grandma Tata
(Elizabeth Rose
Grandma Tata - Also known as Elizabeth Rose Russell
Robert Bryce grave in Schotts Scotland - 1945
Robert Bryce's
grave - Schotts
Scotland 1945
Grandma Conlogue (Gladys Crowfoot) - Circa 1912
Grandma Conlogue
(Gladys Crofoot)
Grandpa Conlogue (Joseph Conlogue) - Circa 1912
Grandpa Conlogue
(Joseph) 1912
Grandma Gladys Conlogue - Circa 1980
Grandma Conlogue (Gladys Crofoot) Circa 1980
Alec Bryce Family Reunion - Circa 1990 - Canada Cottage
 Bryce Circa 1939
Location = ?
Ellen Baker - Fred Crofoots Mother - Grandma Conlogues Grandmother - charcoal by Rick
 Bryce 1984
Mike-Terry Wedding
Alan and Doug
 Bryce Circa 1947
Location = Detroit Grandma's House on Santa Rosa
Pat, Doug, Al, Kathy  Bryce
Circa 1947
Location = Detroit Grandma's House on Santa Rosa
Mike and his band when mike was about 12.